REVIEW : Reif Token Launch

Reif is a token that is 100% backed by real estate.

It is part of the eQuid network and is only traded on the stellar exchange.

Tokens are created based on the value of the property in the portfolio.



When REIF purchase a property the number of tokens created is determined by the purchase price and the cost to develop.

What this means is to my best ability is that there is no max supply to the  token, except they plan to create different token for each properties purchased.


Taking Evelyn Ave as example.

  • Purchase Price 700,000
  • Cost to Develop 2, 500,000
  • Future Value 5,000,000
  • ROI 1,800,000
  • Time to complete 24 months
  • Percent per year return. 28%

This gives you a wait period of 24 months before your return on investment (28% ) a year  and if you get tired you can sell as they guarantee to buy it back at book value.


2 to 5 million worth of xlm




This is a long term project that requires at least 24 months (2 years ) before any form of return, what you should know is with the rise in real estate value yearly your return could increase way more than the 28% they promise , you should also take to notice that anything could happen meaning it could go up or down in value, while you are at this , you should look at purchasing eQuid token as Reif is suppose to add value to the eQuid member.


Garth Wells is no stranger on the stellar slack channel and also active , the website for this project also have details regarding him and  partners


They plan to buy back at book value if you decide to sell your token .

How can we guarantee to buy it back at book value? REIF is backed by real estate. We keep a cash reserve so we can buy back reif at anytime. We prefer not to have loans with banks but if necessary we have a credit line collateralized on the property holding so we can buy back any reif our reserve might not cover. We don’t leverage the real estate with our tokens so if everyone wanted to sell their REIF we can mortgage the properties to cover it all.


The project plans to start August ending and although a wait of 2 years might seems kind of far, it is an investment and you should only put funds you know will not put you in a red, if that happens they did say to buy back at book value,.  we will be watching on here.


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2 thoughts on “REVIEW : Reif Token Launch

  1. Thanks for doing the Reif review. As you mentioned this token is 100% backed by real estate. In the beginning it will only be available to accredited investors in the US. Later it will be available to non us residents, and lastly it will be available to non accredited us investors once we have our paperwork in order to do this.

    Reif will only be tradeable on stellar. It won’t be listed on any other exchanges.

    We will have a 20% reserve by having a large buy order. The buy order is set at the book value. the book value is determined by dividing the assessed property value by the number of issued tokens.

    Reif is part of the eQuid network and will make it possible for eQuid members to pay their rent or mortgage in eQuid and its affiliated coins. There is more to this which I will be posting on the website.

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