REVIEW: Mount Huang Villa ICO Project

Project plan

I want ICO to buy a villa in Mount Huang China for vacation rent on Airbnb there are many tourists in Mount Huang,conservative estimate ,we can earn 500 USD per week, I will distribute this part of rent throuth lumens every week over 20 years.

I have set up token 10000 VIL on GA4K62AMDIKE2DQITYC3SSEV7ZJQ4J6YYXFU57I5TYBTE6BQDFUY6JFI , per VIL price is 1000XLM now, trust GA4K62AMDIKE2DQITYC3SSEV7ZJQ4J6YYXFU57I5TYBTE6BQDFUY6JFI and buy VIL, only use 1000XLM you can earn rent.

Withdrawal mechanism

If you want quit I will buy VIL at price of 850XLM. Another way is each participant vote to sell villa, If more than fifty percent of the participants agreed to sell, we will sell it and return the 80% selling money throuth lumens.

If ICO fails, send back VIL to me and I will return all lumens

ICO schedule

10000 VIL is on sale till of 24 o’clock in December 31, 2017.





The project idea is very nice , the ability to see a market that can bring in income for over 20 years is incredible however the profit is not very well analysed .

500USD  a week for 1 to 2 persons is viable but for over 2000 people investing in this ICO it does not look promising .  There should be proper work and profit flow detailed in a white paper.


There is no real details about the person or agency behind this ICO.


The ICO will be using most of the fund receive to cover the cost of the villa , however if that happen i do not see the possibility of return 850XLM for 1 VIL  which initial offering is at 1000XLM  for 1 VIL . it just screams LOSS.


If done on a large scale and proper white paper regarding how funds will be spent ,who is behind the project and a better withdrawal plan , it could work.


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